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November 2, 2009

Toshiba’s New Ultrasound System

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RSNA is sure to be an adventure this year with the Big Guys introducing new and smaller ultrasound systems to meet the growing demand by clinicians.  Toshiba is the next company to unleash a mighty machine, check it out:

The Aplio MX is approximately 30 percent lighter than traditional cart-based
systems and improves ergonomics with its 19-inch flexible monitor and
customizable key console. It can also include Toshiba`s iAssistTM technology,
which pre-registers frequently used protocols into the system, saving time
during exams and increasing productivity for facilities performing multiple
exams daily. 

Toshiba`s Aplio MX ultrasound system includes:

* 4D imaging to produce high resolution renderings and arbitrary volume cuts in
real-time or offline allowing virtual reconstruction in formats similar to CT
and MRI. 
* Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging for the better imaging of
difficult-to-image patients, like bariatric, without sacrificing resolution to
give superior border and tissue definition. 
* ApliPure to enhance both image clarity and detail definition with real-time
compounding technology to simultaneously perform spatial and frequency
compounding during transmitting and receiving. 
* Advanced Dynamic Flow to provide color Doppler imaging at an unprecedented
level and show flow with directional information for even the smallest vessels. 
* Precision Imaging to provide more detailed ultrasound images by capturing
information from multiple lines to improve definition of the structure and
minimizing noise and clutter.

Read more at Toshiba

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